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Following on from his debut single 'We Are One (feat. Mpumi Sizani)' which captivated audiences and garnered hundreds of thousands of streams worldwide, South Africa’s ZYO is set to release his brand new single 'Brighter Day'. In keeping with his ‘fusion of cultures’ ethos, the song features vocals by traditional African music artist, Thandeka Mfinyongo. The combination of her soulful African vocals and Xhosa lyrics mixed with ZYO’s electronic beats truly gives the song a unique sound. It’s fresh, captivating and inspiring. The track is set to drop on 14 June 2019, in honour and celebration of Youth Month in South Africa. It’s available for pre-order now on all major music platforms.

Cape Times

Little is known about ZYO. Shrouded in swathes of intensely coloured shweshwe fabric and donning a bandanna mask, his eyes are concealed behind shades.

There are flashes of skin, but the palette of his hands and other features is indeterminate. That is how he wants it to be - an enigmatic music man - appreciated for his “modern fusion of African and European elements”.

The moniker, ZYO, he says comes from the Zulu word “esizayo”, which is translated as “future” in English. He tells us that he was born in Auckland Park, Johannesburg and went to Michael Mount Waldorf School in Jozi. The specifics of biography pale in relation to the journey of “fusion of cultures” that he is embarking on. ZYO is about innovation and shape-shifting.

Weekend Argus Sunday Edition

INSPIRED by Daft Punk, David Bowie and Depeche Mode, a Cape Town-based Afrofuturist artist has chosen to conceal his real identity from the world and perform publicly under the pseudonym ZYO.

Drawing on his European heritage and African roots he has fused these with afro house music and hints of pop and disco.

Yahoo News!

The artist says that his name ZYO comes from the Zulu word “esizayo”, which is translated as “future” in English. “My utmost desire with my music is to celebrate the uniqueness of South Africa and the cultural mixing pot that we find ourselves in. ZYO is essentially a manifestation of the music and culture that’s been pervading my consciousness for all of my life. It’s a fusion of my roots in Africa, as well as my European heritage.”


The is a mix of afro house and pop with a definite South African influence.

About the release ZYO said: “The song is the celebration of the beauty that connects us all. It features lyrics in Xhosa and English, which was a very intentional thing, as it conveys the ethos of ZYO. Mpumi was the perfect collaboration partner. She wrote the Xhosa lyrics and brought so much energy and passion to the song, let alone an amazing vocal performance!”